Origin Axis Methodology

What is Origin Axis Methodology (OAM)?

How many times have you heard this from your design department?
"There's a million ways to build a part"
Problem is that a lot of those ways to build that part are disastrous!
They lead to difficult to manage, inflexible, unstable, parts and assemblies!
How many times have you told your designers "Think of the next guy to edit this material"
So What is OAM?

  • In modeling practices
  • In design practices
  • In dimensioning practices
  • In detailing practices and more!
What does that mean to you?

  • Reduced time in design cycles between designers and engineers
  • Reduced errors and when there is an error it can be fixed in less time
  • Reduced design time with more stability and greater flexibility in model geometry and More!
Contact me for a full consolation to see what OAM in Auto desk Inventor can do for you!