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Rick Smith - CTO

Delta Design and Engineering Solutions 
or Delta DES and the logo have actually been something I have been working on in one way or another sense high school. I came up with the triangle after getting a notebook for school.
Delta Design and Engineering Solutions is my pencil sharpening box.
A place for me to refine my skills, showcase projects that I have worked on, provide to and interact with the Autodesk Inventor and CAD 
community with a library for templates, standards model content, promote the use of the Origin Axis Methodology (OAM)
which promotes consistency in modeling practices, promote the DELTA CAD standards and more. Created as a set of standards for the documentation of CAD designs the  Delta CAD standards are based on the ANSI Y 14 standards and 
 the Drawing Requirements Manual 10th edition. 
 The standards are designed to be used as a template that is as generic as possible to 
  provide a starting point from which when company X builds a widget they may build upon                      
  Me on the flight deck of the C-5 Heavy Lift Transport at Dover Air Base  these to create company standards specific to their needs and meet ISO 9000 standards.
I have worked in the design and engineering field for 15 plus years on projects involving space and aerospace based 
applications, tooling, test fixtures, machine parts and assemblies, pneumatic s, hydraulics, electro-mechanical packaging, 
vehicle integration and automation systems using digital prototype modeling applications featuring top-down skeleton 
modeling techniques, tabled geometry and assembly systems, finite element, dynamics, drafting and detailing with GD&T. 

I also have experience involving manufacturing processes, manual lathe and end-mill fabrication experience of parts and 
assemblies in support of DOD and space based structural components as well as testing fixtures and tooling. 
I have worked in support of systems engineering, quality control and inspection, systems integration, testing and facilities 
construction and have also worked in support of computer systems networking, designed, development and management of 
an online database, and have experience in HTML, XML and visual basic. 
For more info on my work in space applications click here and for a copy of my resume click here
This web site and the content therein has been compiled and built entirely by me and powered by Google. 
It is the face of what I would do for a company if I were to incorporate and go into business for myself which for personal reasons 
I can not do. 
Given today's society however, most people in my position may decide to use face book twitter or other social web sites. 
In this business I have found that it is not wise, so you can consider this a glorified blog and/or my "resume on steroids".

The views and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and are in no way associated with with any third party contributors of 
library materials or any of my associates.
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Delta DES site. 
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 This site is always under construction check back often for updates in the library and more!

And thanks for visiting my web site! 
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